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Modern Simple Support Software

Plato is free, open source user community & customer support software built upon ASP.NET Core

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Key Features

A full suite of integrated tools to help you collaborate with & support your users

Discuss User Community
Docs Product Documentation
Articles Knowledge Base
Questions Questions & Answers
Ideas Product Ideation
Issues Issue tracking

Hundreds of Extra Modules

Custom-fit Plato with hundreds of official modules. Add theming, notifications, reporting, social integrations & more with a single click via the dashboard.

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Plato is developed and maintained by InstantASP. We've been developing user community & customer support software for over 18 years. It's what we love.


Plato is our next evolution of customer support software. Written from scratch, we wanted to take everything we've learned over the last 18 years and develop a better. more modern customer support experience.


Yep, free forever. We want to create a thriving eco-system of modules that extend & add value to Plato. We can't do this alone.

Features your users will love

Collaboration Provide a modern user community to discuss and support your products.
Documentation Provide beautiful, consistent articles & documentation all written in Markdown.
Answers Help users find the answers they need quickly through dedicated Q&A.
Ideas Prioritize through public ideation. Let users suggest new ideas or vote for their favorite ideas.
Single Search Instantly search across all your discussions, documentation, questions, issues & ideas.
Notifications Follow anything within Plato get notified via email or web when content is updated.

Features your team will love

Spam Protection Plato integrates with 3rd party spam services to automatically detect and hide SPAM.
Simple Moderation Simple moderation tools ensure your team can keep your community on topic.
Content Authoring Compose beautiful, consistent articles or documentation easily with Markdown
Audit History A full history of all changes to topics, docs, articles, questions ideas & issues,
Role Based Security Private team or customer areas for discussion, docs, questions, ideas or issues.
Reports Plato offers several reporting modules providing insight into your community & support

Features your devs will love

.NET Core Written to target ASP.NET Core 3.1 LTS & MVC6. All 100% .NET Standard 2.1 class libraries.
Bootstrap 4 Plato uses 100% Bootstrap 4 ensuring your front-end devs will love Plato.
Visual Studio Plato works great in Visual Studio 2019 and above. Download, open the solution & run.
100% DI Plato uses dependency injection provided as standard by .NET core throughout.
Modular Design Modules are small independent NuGet packages that add features to Plato.
Beautiful C# Written 100% in C# from scratch with no 3rd party libraries or dependencies.
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Everything within Plato is a module. The Plato module system offers the following benefits:-

Auto Discovery Plato will automatically detect newly installed modules and check compatibility.
One Click Install Modules can be enabled or disabled anytime via the Plato administrator dashboard.
Auto Upgrades Plato offers automated detection and upgrading of out of date modules.
Events & Messages Modules can hook into hundreds of events exposed via the Plato message broker.
Interfaces Plato exposes hundreds of interfaces developers can implement to extend Plato.
Versioning As modules are versioned they can be released independently of the Plato core.
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An Extensible Modular Platform

Plato is built from the ground up to be super extensible via the built-in module system. All of the features offered by Plato are offered as modules and built upon this same module system - even the module system is a module.

Modules are independent NuGet packages or Visual Studio projects that can extend Plato to add or modify functionality. Plato exposes hundreds of extensibility points allowing module developers to easily customize every aspect of Plato.

You can see various module projects provided with Plato opposite within the Visual Studio solution explorer.

Browse all modules on GitHub

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