Plato Demo - Now Live 🚀

Hi All,

I'm delighted to announce our Plato demo is now live. The Plato demo allows you to login using a demo administrator account to fully explore Plato and the Plato administrator dashboard.


You can explore the demo using the link below. Our live demo is populated with random sample data to help you get a sense for how Plato works...

Goto Demo

Admin Dashboard

To login using the default administrator account click the link below and then click the Goto Dashboard button, this will take you straight to the Plato dashboard...

Demo Login

Example Data

The live demo contains random example data that is populated automatically. This is not real data and some counts or last post information may not be reflected correctly within the example data. The example data should however provide a sense for how entities are displayed and how entities can be organised within Plato. Please feel free to create or edit any data within the live demo. The example data within our live demo will be periodically reset.


Should you have any questions with regards to the demo please don't hesitate to post a response here or contact us.

We hope you enjoy the Plato live demo and this helps you get a sense for the capabilities of Plato. We look forward to assisting with any questions,


Ryan Healey
Plato - All-in-one product support

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