Plato 1.0.3 Released

Hi All,

We are delighted today to announce the release of Plato 1.0.3. Plato 1.0.3 improves client side performance and fixes a number of issues. You can find a complete list of improvements, additions and fixes below...

  • Minified CSS & JavaScript are now served when running in staging or production modes
  • Added "Back to Top" link in bottom right for all Plato pages
  • Various improvements to username and password validation, now supports client side validation of username and passwords to avoid post backs before validation
  • Various improvements to web based set-up process
  • Added Plato.Site.Demo module. This is intended for local development purposes only and allows you to quickly populate Plato with sample entities, categories, labels, tags & users.
  • Removed sample fr-CA language pack
  • Moved favicon.ico to root of wwwroot from Plato.Core contents folder to follow expected browser conventions
  • Fixed issue that would prevent categories from being displayed within the admin dashboard if the category was not associated with any role and role based security was enabled
  • Fixed issue with set-up when running in production mode
  • Fixed database error when installing Plato.Stars
  • Fixed Plato.Issues home page route provider
  • Fixed spacing issue within entity reply display due to verified / staff member icon
  • Fixed verified / staff member icon not showing for article comments
  • Added COPYING to ensure correct license is displayed in GitHub


You can download the 1.0.3 release from GitHub here..


Ryan Healey
Plato - All-in-one product support

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