Introducing Plato.Anchorific

Hi All,

I just wanted to share a new module I'm excited to introduce for the forthcoming Plato 1.0.6 update. The new Plato.Anchorific module when enabled will now automatically generate anchor links from your content headings allowing you to easily link to any section within any entity.

Automated Anchors

You can see an example of this below...


Automated Table of Contents

As well as generating anchor links for all headings the new Plato.Docs.Anchorific module when enabled will also add a automatically generated table of contents to docs based on your doc headings. Again you can see an example of this below...


Plato 1.0.6 will also introduce better code blocks and diagramming support. Plato 1.0.6 will be available for download via our GitHub releases page in the coming days. Stay tuned 😃


Ryan Healey
Plato - All-in-one product support

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