Plato 1.0.6 Released 😄

Plato 1.0.6 introduces 2 new modules - Plato.Anchorific & Plato.PrettyPrint. When enabled Plato.Anchorific automatically generates a table or contents and anchors from headings within your content whilst Plato.PrettyPrint now makes code snippets within your content prettier.


Plato.Anchorific can be seen in action below...



Plato.PrettyPrint can be seen in action below...


A complete list of fixes, improvements and changes for Plato 1.0.6 can be found below...

  • FEAT: Added Plato.Anchorific - Automatically generates a table or contents and anchors from headings within your content
  • FEAT: Added Plato.PrettyPrint - Make code snippets & code blocks prettier within content
  • FEAT: Added regular expression support for asset route constraints
  • FEAT: Added a canonical URL link element for all pages
  • PERF: Greatly reduced the number of client side assets loaded using route constraints
  • PERF: Added minified client side assets for all modules and updated asset providers
  • UX: Improved Plato.Markdown adding several event handlers to now support & apply functionality provided by other modules upon previewing content for example anchorific, prettyprint & lightbox are now applied when using the preview tab within Plato.Markdown
  • UI: Improvements to login, confirm email & forgot password pages
  • UX: Improvements to cursor position within Plato.Markdown after pasting images
  • FIX: Issue with image pasting not working within Plato.Markdown
  • FIX: Images taller than the view port within Plato.Media.Lightbox are sized correctly vertically to fit within the view port
  • SEC: Added several additional authorisation checks to various POST actions
  • REF: Various improvements to Plato.References to ensure stricter token parsing and improved client side pattern detection (adding markdown headers will deactivate reference suggestions)
  • REF: Various refactoring & improvements around client side JavaScript plug-ins to provide a more consistent API

As always we hope you enjoy the Plato 1.0.6 update and look forward to bring you many further updates. As always if there is a specific feature you would like to see included within Plato please visit our ideas area to post your suggestions and help improve Plato. Thank you for using Plato.


Ryan Healey
Plato - All-in-one product support

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