Plato 1.0.7 Released 🎈

Hi All,

I'm delighted to announce the release of our Plato 1.0.7 update. Plato 1.0.7 introduces support for various external login providers and also makes it super easy to now enable Google Analytics for your Plato site. We hope the external login support will help increase participation within your Plato site and the Google Analytics feature will provide you with more insight into how your visitors are using your Plato site.

External Logins

Plato 1.0.7 adds 4 new authentication modules that now allow your users to login to your Plato site via Google, Facebook, Twitter or GitHub. When the new authentication modules are enabled and configured users will see additional login options displayed to the right on the Plato login page as shown below...


Google Analytics

Simply enable the Plato.Google.Analytics module and provide your unique Google Analytics tracking ID via the Plato dashboard to enable Google Analytics throughout your Plato site...


Once enabled visit your Google Analytics dashboard to see real-time data.

All Changes

Below you can find a summary of all updates within our 1.0.7 release...

  • FEAT: Added Plato.Authentication.Google
  • FEAT: Added Plato.Authentication.Twitter
  • FEAT: Added Plato.Authentication.GitHub
  • FEAT: Added Plato.Authentication.Facebook
  • FEAT: Added Plato.Google.Analytics
  • REF: Removed AdditionalCompilationReferences as this was marked obsolete in .NET Core 2.2 in favour of ICompilationReferencesProvider in preparation for .NET 3.x update & support
  • REF: Simplified authentication & authorization dependency injection registrations
  • FIX: Fixed build warnings due to hidden member within set-up view
  • FIX: Markdown editor now correctly visually loses focus upon blur

Thank You

We hope you enjoy Plato 1.0.7 and find it useful. Thank you for either using or checking out Plato. If you would like to see any features added to Plato please post your suggestions via our ideas area or should you require any assistance please don't hesitate to post your questions or issues.

We look forward to bringing you further Plato update soon.


Ryan Healey
Plato - All-in-one product support

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