Plato 1.0.8 Released 😎

Hi All,

Our Plato 1.0.8 update is now available. This is a smaller maintenance update addressing some important issues around the initial web based set-up experience. This update also aims to stabilise the 1.0.x code base whilst we focus on delivering the forthcoming Plato 1.1.0 release which introduces .NET Core 3.0 support.

All Changes

Plato 1.0.8 addresses the following main issues...

  • FIX: Issue introduced in 1.0.7 causing error during web based set-up
  • FIX: Issue that would cause first encountered permission for newly created roles to not be enabled or added as a claim during initial set-up
  • REF: Moved away from using DPAPI to protect longer term sensitive data due to private key persistence issues. Moved to more reliable AES encryption and implemented our own persistent private key store ensuring sensitive data does not need to be reentered upon every Plato update.


As always you can download this release from our GitHub releases page.

Feedback / Suggestions

As always we would love to hear what you think of Plato and how we can improve Plato for you. Please don't hesitate to pop your suggestions within our ideas area or of course post your questions.

We look forward to bringing you further Plato updates 😃


Ryan Healey
Plato - All-in-one product support

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