Introducing public & private file sharing with Plato 1.1.1 👫

Hi All,

I hope everyone is well. I just wanted to share the news that we released our Plato 1.1.1 update today.

Plato 1.1.1 is the largest update for Plato since the initial 1.0 release back in September with over 150 commits since our last update. This update introduces dozens of new features and many smaller fixes & improvements. We hope you enjoy the new features and find something useful within this update.

Release Notes

To learn more about our Plato 1.1.1 update please see our full release notes here...

Plato 1.1.1 Release Notes


You can also download Plato 1.1.1 via our GitHub releases page...

Thank You

We look forward to bringing you further Plato updates and as always please don't hesitate to post your questions or share your ideas for how we can improve Plato for you


Ryan Healey
Plato - All-in-one product support

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