Posting Guidelines

Looking to post within the Plato community? We would love to hear from you and would encourage you to participate no matter how small. We are friendly folks. We won't bite, nor will we censor discussions. We encourage open & transparent discussions around Plato to help improve Plato for everyone.

The only thing we ask from you when posting is you be considerate and civil to others.


  • Any discussion or questions around Plato
  • Any discussion or questions around any official Plato module
  • Any discussion or questions around Plato services or support

Not Allowed

  • Spam / Advertising
  • Profanity / Offensive Language
  • Inappropriate / Off topic content

Reporting Content

Whist we pro-actively moderate our community should you encounter any content not abiding by our guidelines set forth above please use the Report option to the top right of every post to report content as shown below...

Click Options, then Report...


Choose a reason for your report and hit submit report as shown below...



Ryan Healey
Plato - Better Together

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