Access Control

  • 8/31/2019 12:52:35 PM

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It's important to note that when creating or editing roles you are only defining the permissions available to users within that role. To use roles to control access to content within your Plato installation you will need to enable one of the additional complimentary modules list below...

  • Plato.Discuss.Categories.Roles
  • Plato.Docs.Categories.Roles
  • Plato.Articles.Categories.Roles
  • Plato.Questions.Categories.Roles
  • Plato.Ideas.Categories.Roles
  • Plato.Issues.Categories.Roles

After enabling one or more of these modules you can then associate one or more roles with specific categories within each of these modules to control who can access the category and any content within the category.

If a category is restricted to a specific role only users who also belong to this role would ever see the category and any content within the category.

Associating Users with Roles

With the above modules enabled categories would only be visible to users who belong to one or more of the roles also associated with the category.

To associate a user with one or more roles you'll need to first edit the user and then customise the roles associated with the user as shown below...


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