• 3/26/2020 6:15:25 PM

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The Plato.Features.Updates module adds the ability to manage module updates & in most cases completely automate the module upgrade process.

With Plato.Features.Updates enabled you'll notice a new "Update" link appears under the Features area within the Plato administrator dashboard as shown below...


Automated Updates

With Plato.Features.Updates enabled Plato will automatically detect if a newer version of any enabled module exists within the "Modules" directory for your installation and if so will attempt to automatically update the module and apply any necessary database migrations.

Manual Updates

Should any automated upgrade fail for any reason available updates will be displayed on the Features > Update page shown above. You will see an "Update" button alongside any out of date modules allowing you to manually attempt the update. Should any errors occur during the update the module won't be upgraded and any errors will be presented on screen to assist.

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