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All message broker subscribers within Plato must implement the IBrokerSubscriber interface. This interface exposes 2 methods "Subscribe" and "Unsubscribe". You can then use the IBroker interface to create or destroy specific subscriptions.

You can see below a simple message broker subscriber from Plato.Discuss.Slack that will post a message to your Slack channel whenever a new topic is created within Plato.Discuss.

The example below hooks into the EntityCreated event exposed by the message broker to detect when an entity or in this specific case a topic has been created and perform some actions with that entity or topic - in this case posting to Slack.

using System.Text;
using System.Threading.Tasks;
using Microsoft.AspNetCore.Routing;
using Microsoft.Extensions.Logging;
using Plato.Discuss.Models;
using Plato.Entities.Extensions;
using Plato.Internal.Hosting.Abstractions;
using Plato.Internal.Messaging.Abstractions;
using Plato.Slack.Services;

namespace Plato.Discuss.Slack.Subscribers

    public class EntitySubscriber : IBrokerSubscriber

        private readonly ICapturedRouterUrlHelper _capturedRouterUrlHelper;
        private readonly ILogger<EntitySubscriber> _logger;
        private readonly ISlackService _slackService;
        private readonly IBroker _broker;

        public EntitySubscriber(
            ICapturedRouterUrlHelper capturedRouterUrlHelper,
            ILogger<EntitySubscriber> logger,
            ISlackService slackService,
            IBroker broker)
            _capturedRouterUrlHelper = capturedRouterUrlHelper;
            _slackService = slackService;
            _broker = broker;
            _logger = logger;

        // Implementation

        public void Subscribe()
            // Subscribe to the EntityCreated event
            _broker.Sub<Topic>(new MessageOptions()
                Key = "EntityCreated"
            }, async message => await EntityCreated(message.What));


        public void Unsubscribe()
            // Unsubscribe from the EntityCreated event
            _broker.Unsub<Topic>(new MessageOptions()
                Key = "EntityCreated"
            }, async message => await EntityCreated(message.What));


        // Private Methods

        async Task<Topic> EntityCreated(Topic entity)
            // If the created entity is hidden, no need to send notifications
            // Entities can be hidden automatically, for example if they are detected as SPAM
            if (entity.IsHidden())
                return entity; ;

            // Build url to topic
            var baseUri = await _capturedRouterUrlHelper.GetBaseUrlAsync();
            var url = _capturedRouterUrlHelper.GetRouteUrl(baseUri, new RouteValueDictionary()
                ["area"] = "Plato.Discuss",
                ["controller"] = "Home",
                ["action"] = "Display",
                [""] = entity.Id,
                ["opts.alias"] = entity.Alias

            // Build our message to post to our Slack channel
            var sb = new StringBuilder();
                .Append(" - ")

            // Finally post our message to Slack
            var response = await _slackService.PostAsync(sb.ToString());

            // Log any errors that may have occurred
            if (!response.Success)
                if (_logger.IsEnabled(LogLevel.Error))
                    _logger.LogError($"An error occurred whilst attempting to post to Slack. Response from POST request to Slack Webhook Url: {response.Error}");

            // Continue processing the broker pipeline
            return entity;




To browse the full code please visit Plato.Discuss.Slack on GitHub.

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