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  • 3/26/2020 11:29:25 PM

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It's not uncommon to forget your password. Account recovery is secure and easy with Plato. Plato uses a familiar email based "Reset Password" flow to allow you and your users to reset account passwords. This approach works great providing...

  1. You have access to the account email address
  2. Outbound emails are working within Plato.

If both of these cases are true you can use the "Forgot Password" link available on the Plato login page to send a unique password reset link to your account email address that will allow you to provide a new password for your account. Once you've provided a new password you can login using your existing username and new password.

IMPORTANT Please be aware for security by default passwords are one-way hashed within the Plato database and cannot be reversed engineered or obtained directly from the database. This can pose a problem for account recovery especially if your emails are not working and you can't perform a traditional password reset.

To assist with account recovery in the case where your emails may not be working or users may not have access to there account email address we've provided some solutions & workarounds below.

I've lost my administrator password and can't reset my password via email

If you lose your Plato administrator password the only option to easily gain access again is to reset your password via the built-in "Forgot Password" email flow. If for some reason your outbound email settings have not been configured or your simply not receiving password reset emails you can still regain control of your account but this will require direct access to your Plato database. If you can't access the Plato administrator dashboard you will at minimum need direct access to your Plato database to recover an administrator account so you can login as an administrator and access the administrator dashboard. Once you are able to connect to your Plato database please follow the steps below to recover an administrator account...

  1. Connect to your Plato database using SQL Server Management Studio
  2. Execute the TSQL below against your Plato database taking care to ensure you replace the email address with your real administrator email address before executing the script...
/* --------------------
Builds a URL you can use to reset your Plato administrator password. 
This should only be used as a last resort if emails are not enabled or working. 
and you need to gain access to the Plato administrator dashboard
-------------------- */

DECLARE @guid nvarchar(255) = (SELECT NEWID()  AS GUID)
DECLARE @emailToUpdate nvarchar(255) = '';

UPDATE plato_Users SET
	ResetToken = @guid
	Email = @emailToUpdate

PRINT 'Visit...' + @guid

Executing this script will output a unique URL to the SQL Server output window which you can copy and paste into your web browser. You will likely need to update the example URL provided to include your real Plato top level domain.

IMPORTANT Depending on the table prefix defined during the web based set-up process you may need to change plato_{tablename} to include your unique table prefix. For example if your table prefix is "mysite" you would replace plato_Users with mySite_Users. plato_ is the default table prefix for Plato if you don't change this.

  1. Visit the URL the above script generated for you within your web browser to reset the password for the email address you provided when executing the script. You should see the page below allowing you to enter the account email address and a new password...


Once you provide a new password for the account you can login using the account username and new password.

I've lost my account password and can't reset my password via email

If a regular user loses there account password and no longer has access to the account email address you can reset the users password via the administrator dashboard when Editing Users.

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