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Plato.Docs adds rich documentation publishing & sharing capabilities to Plato. After enabling Plato.Docs you'll notice a new "Docs" link appears both within your front-end and administrator navigation. Plato.Docs comes with over a dozen additional modules that further enhance the features available for your product documentation.

Plato.Docs In Action

You can see the homepage for Plato.Docs below...


Enabling Plato.Docs

Login as an administrator and visit the Plato administrator dashboard. Click Features on the left and then Manage. Within the search field at the top of the page type "docs". You should see Plato.Docs within the results. Use the Enable button to the right of the Plato.Docs feature to enable Plato.Docs.

Complimentary Modules

The following modules can be enabled via the Plato administrator dashboard to further enhance Plato.Docs...

  • Plato Docs Anchorific - Adds a table of contents to your docs based on headers
  • Plato Docs Categories - Adds categories to help organise docs.
  • Plato Docs Categories Follow - Adds the ability to follow doc categories.
  • Plato Docs Categories Roles - Adds the ability to restrict access to categories by role.
  • Plato Docs Drafts - Adds basic approval support for docs.
  • Plato Docs Follow - Adds the ability for users to follow docs.
  • Plato Docs History - Adds versioning & rollback support for docs & doc comments
  • Plato Docs Labels - Adds the ability to label docs.
  • Plato Docs Reactions Adds the ability for users to react to docs & doc comments using emoji.
  • Plato Docs Reports - Adds basic reporting capabilities to Plato.Docs.
  • Plato Docs Share - Adds the ability to share docs and doc feedback.
  • Plato Docs Slack - Adds the ability to be notified via Slack when new docs or doc comments are posted
  • Plato Docs Star - Adds the ability for users to star or favourite docs.
  • Plato Docs StopForumSpam - Adds StopForumSpam checks when posting comments.
  • Plato Docs Tags - Adds tagging capabilities for docs.
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