Deploying Plato

  • 10/11/2019 4:21:32 PM

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This section hopes to guide you through deploying Plato to your production servers. Currently Plato is only officially supported when running under IIS on Windows. We do hope to introduce Linux support in the future and will document this here.

Hosting Plato on Windows with IIS


  • Plato targets .NET Core 2.2
  • Plato is not a self contained application (you need the .NET Core 2.2 run time installed on your server)
  • Plato is designed to run in-process when hosted within IIS
  • Plato requires a SQL Server 2016 or above database

Further topics are discussed below to assist with deploying Plato. If you would like to see information on something we've not covered here please post a comment.

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