Plato 1.0.2

  • 11/25/2019 5:43:40 PM

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October 2nd 2019

This update introduces versioning & rollback for all entities (discussions, docs, articles, questions, ideas & issues) within Plato. This update also improves some key areas and fixes a handful of bugs. A complete list of changes is provided below.

  • To encourage reactions the "React" menu is now visible to anonymous users but they will be prompted to login before they can react to entities
  • Added version rollback option to Plato.*.History
  • Added version number to entity history menus
  • Added Plato.Docs.History
  • Added Plato.Articles.History
  • Added Plato.Questions.History
  • Added Plato.Ideas.History
  • Added Plato.Issues.History
  • Improved UI for Plato.*.History dialog
  • Edit history is no longer visible to anonymous users by default
  • Fixed issue that prevented you from immediately deleting reactions
  • Fixed issue with comments for docs not showing reactions
  • Fixed issue editing article comments
  • Improved entity details panel


You can download the 1.0.2 release from GitHub here..

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