Plato 1.0.4

  • 11/25/2019 5:44:12 PM

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16th October 2019

Plato 1.0.4 is a small maintenance release to address a few critical issues.

  • FIX: Locales folder within modules not being included within publishing profile (#10)
  • FIX: Issues when moving docs outside of categories
  • FIX: Issues with parent entities drop down not updating correctly upon category change when editing docs
  • FIX: Null reference exception when adding sample entity category data
  • FIX: Labels referred as channels within input placeholder attributes
  • FIX: Validation text within reset password, verify account pages being same colour as background within dark theme
  • FEAT: Added support for style URLs video embeds within Plato.Markdown
  • REF: Added cache control header for static user photos to avoid requests for resources that don't change
  • REF: Minor changes and clean-up within several other areas


You can download the 1.0.4 release from GitHub here..

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