Plato 1.0.5

  • 11/25/2019 5:44:28 PM

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24th October 2019

Plato 1.0.5 adds 5 new modules, improves overall performance and fixes a number of important bugs discovered since our 1.0.4 release. The new modules now allow you to follow any label within Plato to get notified via web or email when content is posted with labels of interest.

Emojis within Plato.Markdown are now also categorised as opposed to a long list for easier access...


A complete list of all updates for Plato 1.0.5 can be found below...

  • FEAT: Added Plato.Articles.Labels.Follow
  • FEAT: Added Plato.Docs.Labels.Follow
  • FEAT: Added Plato.Questions.Labels.Follow
  • FEAT: Added Plato.Ideas.Labels.Follow
  • FEAT: Added Plato.Issues.Labels.Follow
  • UI: Added margin to search within navigation
  • UI: Adding view counts to question & idea lists
  • UI: Fixed tool tip positions within Plato.Markdown when going full screen
  • UI: Next doc & previous doc within Plato.Docs now use correct CSS within default themes
  • UX: Emojis are now categorised for easier access within Pllato.Markdown
  • UX: Cleaner look for pager controls within all suggestion menus
  • UX: @mentions & #references suggestions now support keyboard navigation
  • UX: Search suggestions now support keyboard navigation
  • UX: Carriage returns now navigate to any selected item within search suggestions
  • PERF: Performance improvements to asset providers - they are only constructed once per request
  • REF: Added response caching to content served via Plato.Media
  • FIX: Plato.Discuss.Labels.Follow now installs correct default permissions after activation
  • FIX: Topic reply tags notification type not being enabled by default
  • FIX: Tag suggestions not being restricted to current module when posting new entities or replies
  • FIX: Date selection to limit reports date range now working correctly via the admin dashboard
  • FIX: @mention and #reference incorrect menu positions when swapping between full screen within Plato.Markdown
  • FIX: Category drop down referencing Docs within Plato.Discuss.Categories (error if docs was not enabled)
  • FIX: Plato.Issues.Votes pointing to Plato.Ideas.Votes web API resulting in inconsistent issue voting
  • FIX: Doc update notifications not being enabled by default after enabling Plato.Docs.Follow
  • FIX: Article update notifications not being enabled by default after enabling Plato.Articles.Follow
  • FIX: Views by role chart within Plato.Reports not using correct table prefix
  • FIX: Disabled ability to update passwords via the admin dashboard whilst in demo mode
  • FIX: Various fixes & improvements around sample data services


You can download the 1.0.5 release from GitHub here..

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