What is Plato Desktop?

  • 12/9/2019 11:26:02 PM

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Plato Desktop is new and we would love to get your feedback. If you have any ideas for how we can improve Plato Desktop please don't hesitate to post your suggestions and help us make Plato Desktop even better 💕

What is Plato Desktop

Plato Desktop is a companion app for Plato. Plato Desktop offers a simple native experience to ease accessing your Plato site. Plato Desktop is designed primarily for those authoring content or helping users within your Plato installation but can be used by anyone to ease accessing your Plato content.

Download Plato Desktop

Key Features

  • Easy access to your Plato site
  • Pin Plato to your taskbar or desktop
  • Remembers where you left off
  • Light & dark modes
  • Customizable background images

Plato Desktop In Action

You can see below several screen grabs showing Plato Desktop in action...

Light Theme

Below you can see the Plato Desktop app with the light theme applied...

Plato Desktop (Light)

Dark Theme (with background)

Below you can see the Plato Desktop app with the dark theme applied and a custom background image...

Plato Desktop (Dark Theme)

Full screen editing

Below you can see we are editing a doc in full screen mode...

Plato Desktop (Full Screen Editing)


Below you can see the settings that allow you to customize Plato Desktop...

Plato Desktop Settings

Pin Plato Desktop

Below you can see how Plato Desktop can be pinned to your start bar like any other app...

Plato Desktop Pinned

Plato Dashboard

Below you can see the Plato administrator dashboard within the Plato Desktop app...

Plato Desktop Admin Dashboard


Plato Desktop requires Windows 10 and an active internet connection. Whilst Plato Desktop offers limited offline support you will get the best expereince with an active internet connection whilst using Plato Desktop. Plato Desktop is designed to work with Plato 1.0.9 and above. Earlier versions of the Plato web application will work but theme changes won't be applied.


You can download the official Plato Desktop app via the Microsoft Store. Please see the Plato Desktop download page for further details at https://plato.instantasp.co.uk/download

Open Source

Plato Desktop is free & open source software. Plato Desktop is a UWP (Universal Windows Platform) app designed for Windows 10. Developers are free to customize Plato Desktop and offer a branded tailored sideloaded version of the app to better support there users. You can visit the Plato Desktop repository on GitHub to clone the repo or contribute back at https://github.com/InstantASP/plato.UWP


Please post any questions related to Plato Desktop via our Q&A siteQ&A site.


Please report any bugs or issues you encounter whilst using Plato Desktop herehere,

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