Plato 1.0.9

  • 2/2/2020 3:22:22 PM

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December 10th 2019

Plato 1.0.9 introduces the new companion Plato Desktop app, adds auto-saving and fixes a number of minor issues and usability bugs discovered since Plato 1.0.8.

Introducing Plato Desktop

Plato Desktop is a companion app for Plato. Plato Desktop offers a simple native experience to ease accessing your Plato site. Plato Desktop is designed primarily for those authoring content or helping users within your Plato installation but can be used by anyone to ease accessing your Plato content.

You can download Plato Desktop at

Key Features

  • Easy access to your Plato site
  • Pin Plato to your taskbar or desktop
  • Remembers where you left off
  • Light & dark modes
  • Customizable background images

Plato Desktop In Action

You can see below several screen grabs showing Plato Desktop in action...

Light Theme

Below you can see the Plato Desktop app with the light theme applied...

Plato Desktop (Light Theme)

Dark Theme (with background)

Below you can see the Plato Desktop app with the dark theme applied and a custom background image...

Plato Desktop (Dark Theme)

Full screen editing

Below you can see we are editing a doc in full screen mode...

Plato Desktop (Full Screen Editing)


Below you can see the settings that allow you to customize Plato Desktop...

Plato Desktop Settings

Pin Plato Desktop

Below you can see how Plato Desktop can be pinned to your start bar like any other app...

Plato Desktop Pinned

Plato Dashboard

Below you can see the Plato administrator dashboard within the Plato Desktop app...

Plato Desktop Admin Dashboard

All Changes

Below you can find a complete list of all changes within Plato 1.0.9...

  • FEAT: Added Plato Desktop (A free native Windows 10 app available on the Microsoft Store)
  • FEAT: Added PWA Support (You can now install Plato as a PWA via your browser)
  • FEAT: Plato.Markdown will now automatically restore unsaved new content or prompt to restore unsaved changes to existing content-
  • REF: Replaced window.confirm with custom confirmation UI to better support Plato Desktop
  • REF: Various UI and CSS improvements to better support Plato Desktop
  • REF: Improved theme selection & added support to set theme via a request header or client cookie
  • REF: Added the ability back for Razor to automatically recompile changed views
  • FIX: Issue with scrollTo not working correctly within Microsoft Edge
  • FIX: Value cannot be nul within if user had no badges
  • FIX: Tab index issue if Plato.Markdown was not enabled
  • FIX: Issue when deleting or restpring topics with Plato.Discuss.Categories.Moderators enabled

Feedback / Suggestions

As always we would love to hear what you think of Plato and how we can improve Plato for you. Please don't hesitate to pop your suggestions within our ideas area or of course post your questions.

We look forward to bringing you further Plato updates and thank you for using Plato 😃

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