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  • 5/6/2020 3:52:59 PM

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9th April 2020 🎈

I’m super excited today to announce the release of Plato 1.1.2. Whilst 1.1.2 is only a smaller update compared to previous releases 1.1.2 introduces a handy new module to allow you to easily share any file uploaded to Plato with anyone via email . This can be helpful to share files that support your software projects privately with your users.

File sharing is enabled by a new module within Plato 1.1.2 called “Plato.Files.Sharing”. You will need to visit the Features area within Plato and search for the keyword "files" to locate and enable the Plato.Files.Sharing module.

You can find the complete source code for this new module here…

Once enabled “Plato.Files.Sharing” will add a new “Share File” button alongside all files displayed within the Plato dashboard. You can see this below…


When you click the Share File button, you’ll be presented with the following simple dialog allowing you to share the file as an attaachment or link with any email address…


Share Files as Attachments

As the name suggests if you share a file as an attachment the file will be attached to the email sent to the user. You can see below I shared a .png file as an attachment with myself via Plato and this is attached to the email in Gmail…


If you attempt to share a file above 5mb as an email attachment Plato will warn you before sending the file and will suggest sending the file as a direct link. You can see this below...


To accommodate for larger files, you can also share files privately as a direct link with any email address. You can see below I’ve shared a 240mb ZIP file called with myself via Plato…


Notice this is not attached to the email but instead a private download URL is provided for the file. Of course the link for each invitation is unique and as we evolve Plato.Files.Sharing we’ll add the ability to revoke access or only allow access X number of times. We'll also be adding better reporting around file downloads very soon.

That’s It!

We hope you find the new file sharing capabilities offered within Plato 1.1.2 helpful and as always I look forward to bringing you further Plato updates. Our focus in the coming weeks aswell as bringing you new features will be on introducing docker, Linux & CI / CD support. As always don’t hesitate to post your questions or suggest your ideas to help us improve Plato for you.

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