Completing set up

  • 8/31/2019 1:28:26 PM

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Once you've competed the web based set-up for Plato only the core modules will be installed. After completing set-up you should see a very minimal home page as shown below...


What Next

Access the Administrator Dashboard

You will need to login via the "Login" link in the upper right using the administrator account you provided during the web based set-up and enable the modules you would like to use via the Plato administrator dashboard.

Enable Features / Modules

We would suggest first enabling one or more of our main modules. Once you've enabled one or more of our main modules you may wish to also enable other notable modules to add further functionality to Plato.

Configure Settings

You will need to update the general settings and email settings.

That's It!

Congratulations. You are now essentially complete with your Plato installation. You can now start enabling modules, adding content & exploring the administrator dashboard to further customise your Plato install. To help you get started with the basics please see our Using Plato section.

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