• 11/13/2019 4:19:00 PM

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The Plato.Markdown module adds a visual markdown editor and markdown processing capabilities to Plato.

Plato.Markdown internally uses the popular markdig library for markdown processing so Plato.Markdown supports many of the awesome markdown features already offered by markdig.

Enabling Plato.Markdown

Visit your Plato dashboard and navigate to "Features > Manage". Within the search field type "markdown". If installed you will see the Plato.Markdown module within the list of available features.

If this feature is not already enabled the button to the right of the Plato.Markdown feature will read "Enable". Click this button to enable Plato.Markdown. If the feature is already enabled the button to the right will read "Disable".

If the Plato.Markdown feature is enabled when composing content within Plato you should be presented with a markdown editor as shown below...


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