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The Plato.Mention module adds the ability for you to @mention other users within your team or community to share posts or get them involved in conversations.

Enabling Plato.Mentions

Login as an administrator and visit the Plato administrator dashboard. Click Features on the left and then Manage. Within the search field at the top of the page type "mentions". You should see Plato.*.Mentions within the results. Use the Enable button to the right of the listings to enable @mentions within Plato.

@mentions Examples

After enabling Plato.Mentions you will have the ability to @mention other users within posts. You can mention other users like so...


For example I can mention myself as shown below...


@mentions Format

@mentions are denoted with the @ character followed by any valid username.

@mention Notifications

Whenever you @mention another user within Plato both a web and email notification will be sent to the user you mention. Anyone can opt-out of receiving @mention notifications via the notification settings that are installed as part of Plato.Users.Notifications.

@mentions in Action

As you type usernames are suggested...


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