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The Plato.References module adds the ability to easily link to any other content within Plato using a hash tag or #reference when composing posts or content.

Enabling Plato.References

Login as an administrator and visit the Plato administrator dashboard. Click Features on the left and then Manage. Within the search field at the top of the page type "references". You should see Plato.References within the results. Use the Enable button to the right of the Plato.References listing to enable Plato.References.

#reference Example

Once Plato.References has been enabled you can include #references within posts or content you create within Plato. The following hash reference...


Would produce the following link...


#reference Format

A hash reference is denoted with a hash character followed by a valid entity ID and optional link text within parentheses (link text) after the entity ID. There should be no spaces between the entity ID and optional parentheses representing the link text.

#reference in Action

To add a #reference simply type the # character when composing content as shown below...


Results will be presented for any term you enter after the # character. Clicking a result embeds the #reference link.

If you use #references to link to content when you hover over any hash reference link when viewing your content you will also see a summary of the target entity as shown below...


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