Upgrading modules

  • 8/31/2019 1:46:36 PM

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To ease the upgrades Plato is designed to detect any newer version of already enabled modules and automatically upgrade the module and apply any necessary database migrations.

Typically upgrading a module should only require you to copy the newer version of the module folder into the "Modules" directory within the root of your Plato installation.

Whilst in most cases you can simply replace a modules folder to ensure upgrades go smoothly we would always suggest first moving your old version of the module folder you wish to upgrade outside of the "Modules" directory and then copying the new version of the module you wish to upgrade into the "Modules" directory. If you simply copy the newer module folder over the top of the existing module folder some older files or dependencies may not be removed during the update and in some cases this could led to unexpected behaviour.

Confirm the update was successful

You can see the current version for all available modules & enabled modules for your Plato installation via the Dashboard > Features > Manage page as shown below...


Locate the module you just updated within this list and verify the version number matches the version you expect.

Manual Updates

Module updates can also be installed manually by enabling the Plato.Features.Updates module. With the Plato.Features.Updates module enabled you'll notice a new "Updates" link appears under the Features navigation within the Plato administrator dashboard.

Using this new Dashboard > Features > Updates link you can see all available module updates and attempt to manually update any out of date module. If modules update automatically you will never see them on the Updates page. If a module fails to automatically upgrade it will always appear on the Updates page allowing you to attempt the update manually and review any errors. You can see below we don't have any available updates...


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