Quick Start

  • 4/5/2020 5:44:47 PM

  • About 1 minute to read

By far the quickest way to get started with Plato is to download or clone the Plato source code locally and use an IDE such as Visual Studio to build & launch Plato.

Building Plato 🏠

After downloading Plato open the Plato.sln solution file within Visual Studio 2017 or 2019 and hit CTRL+SHIFT+B or choose Build > Build Solution from the Visual Studio toolbar as shown below...


This will build the Plato solution for the first time. As part of this first build Visual Studio may also automatically download NuGet dependencies if they don't already exist on your computer.

⏳ Building the Plato solution for the first time within Visual Studio may take several minutes whilst the .NET core NuGet packages are downloaded and restored locally on your computer. Please be patient with the first Visual Studio build. Once the solution has been built successfully once further builds should complete more quickly as the NuGet packages are cached locally.

Launching Plato 🚀

After the first successful build you can attempt to launch Plato via Visual Studio. Hit CTRL+F5 to build the Plato solution again but this time also launch Plato within your default web browser.

Plato will be launched via the IIS Express web server built into Visual Studio. For production installations you will likely need to configure a web site for Plato within the full version of IIS. If everything was successful you should be presented with the Plato set-up screen as shown below...


Completing the web based set-up 🚧

Once you reach the set-up screen shown above please see web based set-up.

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