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Plato.Users.Notifications adds both web & email notification capabilities to Plato. Your users can opt-out of any notifications generated by Plato through new notification controls that are added to each users account area as part of Plato.Users.Notifications.

Enabling Plato.Users.Notificaitons

Plato.Users.Notifications will typically be automatically enabled whenever you enable another module that requires notification capabilities within Plato.

If Plato.Users.Notifications is enabled you'll notice a notification menu in the top right of your Plato navigation as shown below...


Web & Email Notifications

For each notification Plato will generate both a web based notification and an email notification. Users can control which type of notifications they receive as shown within the Managing Notifications section below.

All web based notifications will appear within the notifications menu displayed within the main Plato navigation. Email notifications will be sent to the users account email address.

Managing Notifications

After installing Plato.Users.Notifications a new "Notifications" link within be available for every user via there account page allowing each user to manage there notifications.

You can see this below...


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