Email Notifications

  • 8/28/2019 3:33:36 PM

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Various Plato modules will often generate email notifications. In this article we provide some tips & tricks on working with email within Plato.

Customising Email Notifications

All email templates can be found within the Modules{ModuleName}\Locales\en-US\emails.json file for the respective module.

For example if you wanted to modify or add text to the email that is sent to users following topics within Plato.Discuss you can modify the "NewReply" template present within the Modules\Plato.Discuss.Follow\Locales\en-US\emails.json file. This is shown below...

  "Emails": [
      "Id": "NewReply",
      "To": "",
      "Cc": "",
      "Bcc": "",
      "From": "",
      "Subject": "[SiteName] - New Reply",
      "Message": "Hi {0},\n\nA reply has been posted within a topic you're following....\n\n{1}\n{2}\n\n[SiteName]\n[SiteUrl]"
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