Downloading Plato

  • 4/5/2020 3:37:09 PM

  • About 1 minute to read

Looking to download Plato to install on your own computer or server? All official releases are available to download via our releases page on GitHub. Plato is not free software and you will need either a commercial license or open source license to use Plato.

Stable Release

We would suggest starting with our latest stable release to ensure you have the very latest features, fixes & security updates. You can download the latest stable release below...


Please review our licensing page before using Plato to ensure your happy you can comply with all the terms and conditions defined within the Plato license agreement.

All Releases

You can browse all other release via our releases page on GitHub.

Nightly Builds

If you want the very latest stable source code please clone the Plato "master" branch. Any other branches are development or experimental branches and not recommended for production use. The master branch will always contain the latest most stable code.

Updating Modules

You can grab the latest version of any module from our GitHub repository.

To upgrade a module simply copy the newer version of the module into your Plato modules folder overwriting the existing module folder and Plato will automatically detect the updated module and apply any necessary database migrations. For further information on upgrading modules please see Upgrading modules.

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