Enabling Features

  • 4/5/2020 5:52:23 PM

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Plato lets you pick and choose the features or modules you would like to offer within your Plato installation. This helps keep the UI clean and clear and ensures you only offer the features that help you help your users.

After installing Plato only the core modules are enabled. You will typically need to enable one of our main modules via the administrator dashboard to add the functionality you need to Plato.

Enabling Modules

As Plato revolves around modules we've made it super easy to search for and enable modules. From the Plato administrator dashboard click "Features" on the left and then click "Manage". You should be presented with a page similar to this...


🔎 TIP Search for discuss, docs, articles, questions, ideas or issues to install any of our main modules. The search on the features page is a great way to find the modules you want to enable and will update in real-time as you type.

When you enable one or more of the main modules you'll notice the modules name appears to the left within the administrator dashboard. For example if you enable Plato.Discuss you'll see a new Discuss option appear within navigation on the left within the administrator dashboard. You can then enable further complimentary modules for each main module either from the overview page for that module or continue to install complimentary modules via the Features page.


When you enable a feature Plato will automatically attempt to also enabled any dependencies that feature may have if the dependency is not already enabled. For example if you enable our Plato.Discuss.Follow module you'll notice Plato.Follow will also be enabled at the same time if it's not already enabled.

For the most part you should not need to worry about dependencies when enabling modules within Plato but it's worth noting this behaviour as you may enable a single module and see suddenly several other modules are enabled.

Database Changes

Some modules may require new database tables or stored procedures. Any database tables or stored procedures required by a module will be created only once the module is enabled within Plato.

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