Disabling Features

  • 9/27/2019 1:46:45 PM

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Disabling a module within Plato is super easy and can be completed within a few clicks.

Disabling Features

To disable a feature or module simply visit the Plato dashboard and click Features > Manage within the navigation on the left. From the Features page locate the module and simply click the "Disable" button to the right of the enabled module you wish to disable.

Important Considerations

Although it's easy to disable modules there are some important considerations to take into account when disabling or removing any module within module.

  1. Data may be deleted - When you disable a feature within Plato if no other modules depend on the feature your disabling then the module may attempt to clean-up after its self and may delete database tables and stored procedures the module created when it was enabled
  2. The module folder won't be deleted - If you disable a module within Plato this will simply remove the module from the Plato bootstrap process. Disabling a module won't delete the physical folder containing the module found within the "Modules" folder.

Core Modules

Please note that core modules will appear on the features page but cannot be disabled.


When you disable a feature within Plato any other features that depend on the feature you've just disabled will also be disabled.

For example if you disable the Plato.Follow module then Plato.Articles.Follow, Plato.Discuss.Follow, Plato.Docs.Follow modules will also be disabled.

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