General Settings

  • 8/29/2019 11:17:55 PM

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As the title would suggest the General settings page allows you to configure application wide settings to customise your Plato installation. You can see the general settings page below...


The following settings should be updated to customise your Plato installation...

  • Site Name - Your site name is shown at the top of pages, within page titles and within emails generated by Plato.
  • Theme - The default theme for Plato. By default a dark and light theme for Bootstrap 4 are provided.
  • Default Page - The default page for Plato when loaded with no suffix or path information, i.e.
  • Time Zone - Specify the time zone for the web server(s) hosting your Plato installation. For example if your web servers are located in Boston, USA you would select -5 GMT. The time zone you specify here should match the time zone set within your web server underlying operating system.
  • Date Format - Customise the default format to display dates within Plato.
  • Language - Customise the default language for Plato. Currently only en-US is provided.
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