Deleting Users

  • 8/30/2019 12:45:40 PM

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Deleting a user within Plato will permanently delete the user and all there contributions from the Plato database. Once you delete a user you cannot recover that user or there content.

TIP If you want to simply hide the user and there contributions add the user to the built-in "Banned" or "Spam" lists accessible when editing the user. This won't delete the user but will hide the user and all there content on the front-end.

Deleting Users

To permanently delete a user within Plato you'll need to first visit the administrator dashboard and visit Users > Manage. Locate the user account you wish to delete and edit the account as normal. When editing the user account scroll down to the very bottom and use the "Delete User" button to permanently delete the user account. You can see this below...


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