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Come together

Ignite the conversation

The support your customers seek doesn’t always have to come from your team. Build a community forum where your users can turn to each other for help and exchange their own tips and tricks. If complex issues come up, @mention your team to ensure conversations flow and remain productive.

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Peer to peer

Trust your experts

With Discuss, as your users collaborate and help each other within your community they will earn badges, reputation & rank allowing other users & team members to easily identify your most passionate and knowledgeable users. Go ahead - show them some love.

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Build Trust

Connect with your community

Providing an open & transparent space for your users to discuss your software can often lead to new ideas & directions for your products. A community is also a great place for your team to share the news & passion around the software you create.

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Community Features

Notifications Get notified when content your following is updated.
@mentions @mention team members or other community users.
Rich Embeds Embed files, videos or images via the markdown editor.
Private Topics Private topics let your team collaborate privately.
Categories Group conversations by product or project.
Tags & Labels Discover & follow conversations by tag or label.
Moderation Invite others to help moderate your community.
History Complete history of every change made to posts.

Shared Features

Just one of over 180+ modules included within Plato

Flexible Security Control who can access content with incredibly flexible permissions & user roles.
Powerful Search Instantly search across all your topics, articles, docs, questions, issues, ideas & files.
Mobile Friendly Fully responsive & touch optimized to work great on desktop, mobile or tablet devices.
SEO Ready Public content is highly optimized for Google to help your users find answers fast.
Themes Customize the look & feel via the built-in theme editor all using Bootstrap 4.
Reporting Gain insights & see how users are engaging with and using your support content.
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