Assignees / Assigning Entities

Would you like the ability to assign entities to particular users within Plato?


When editing any entity within Plato (discussions, docs, articles, questions, ideas & issues) a new "Assign" panel would be available . This panel would be controllable via permissions to allow specific users to assign an entity to one or more other users.

New notification types would be introduced to ensure users who are assigned to an entity are notified via a email or web notification and can control how and if they are notified.

Use Case

  • Could you used to assign questions to particular staff members
  • Could be used to assign articles or docs when they are ready for review
  • Could you used to assign discussions if you need input from specific individuals
  • Could be used to assign issues to ensure the right people help your customers
  • Could be used to assign ideas to particular individuals

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Ryan Healey
Plato - All-in-one product support

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