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When patients come into the emergency room, they don't see a doctor right away, they go to a triage nurse. The nurse knows enough about medical problems to properly assign that person to the doctor that can help them the quickest. Since the doctors are the most limited resource, triage nurses help to assign them as effectively as possible. Triage within Plato is very similar.

The triage module within Plato would provide a set of tools, reports, filters & views to help teams better triage contributions within Plato. Triage in Plato means looking at open contributions and adding or seeking useful information to help the right people take action to assist the contributor.

Use Case

  • Better tools to help teams regularly triage contributions
  • Filters, views & Reports to assist with contribution triage
  • Ensures discussions, ideas, issues & questions are never missed and always receive a response

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Ryan Healey
Plato - All-in-one product support

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