DataExplorer Module

Would you like the ability to run custom queries against your Plato database?


The DataExplorer module would add a new area accessible via the dashboard and would provide a set of visual or GUI tools to help Plato administrators build safe TSQL queries that can be executed against your Plato database. These TSQL queries could be used to return custom data you need for reporting purposes or to simply manually update data within your Plato database.

The type of query you can execute and access to the data explorer area would of course be controllable via permissions within Plato.

Key Features

  • Build & save custom queries to return data from your Plato database
  • Provide the ability to export the results of custom queries in a structured manner (CSV etc)

Use Cases

  • Provide simple, custom reporting options
  • Gives power users more flexibility over there Plato database

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Ryan Healey
Plato - All-in-one product support

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