Linux Support

Linux support for Plato has already been requested several times via GitHub. During the 2.x timeframe we will be looking into this and identifying what changes are necessary to fully support Linux deployments.

This includes:-

  • What code changes are necessary within Plato to run on Linux (System.Drawing etc)
  • What images for Linux should we target (currently thinking Ubuntu & Debian)
  • How can we reliably automate the build to provide Linux images for each release
  • Can we leverage any CI/CD services to assist with testing Linux support


Ubuntu distributions require the following libraries to be installed:

  • liblttng-ust0
  • libcurl3 (for 14.x and 16.x)
  • libcurl4 (for 18.x)
  • libssl1.0.0
  • libkrb5-3
  • zlib1g
  • libicu52 (for 14.x)
  • libicu55 (for 16.x)
  • libicu57 (for 17.x)
  • libicu60 (for 18.x)

For Plato you also need the following dependency:

  • libgdiplus (version 6.0.1 or later)

Most versions of Ubuntu include an earlier version of libgdiplus. You can install a recent version of libgdiplus by adding the Mono repository to your system. For more information, see


See Debian 10 Package Manager - Install .NET Core.


Ryan Healey
Plato - All-in-one product support

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