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Get a free license for Plato to support your open source project

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How it works

Plato is the only fully integrated platform designed to help software teams connect & stay engaged with users to gather feedback, provide support & deliver better software.

You may not know this but Plato started life as an open source project. We love open source and want to support others working on open source projects. If you have an open source project and would like to use Plato to support your project we would be delighted to provide a free license and get you set-up with your very own Plato site.

Your project must be...

Open source & generate less than $250,000 USD in annual gross revenue

What's included...

A free self hosted license for Plato
Free ongoing updates & priority support

All we ask in return is you mention Plato somewhere within your file or keep the copyright message shown at the bottom of each Plato page.

Sound good? Use the button below to contact us and submit a link to your open source project. We'll take a look and get back to you as quickly as possible.

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