Maintaining documents of multiple versions of a product?

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Hi There,

I was just reading about the features in plato, but couldn't find a piece of information.

Lets say we have software product which releases new versions every 6 month. In each new version we may modify some existing feature or may add some new features. We have customer base who are using different versions of our product. (For e.g. customer 1 is using v1.1 and customer 2 is on v.1.5 and hence on). We want to provide product documentation to customers, where customer is able to select a version first and after that he can browse the documentation. Elastic Search has similar documentation structure as seen here: (Observe the version drop down here)

But from the document maintenance point of view, we do not want to copy all the pages for each version, only new or modified pages should be created/copied for each new product release.

Can this be achieved in plato? Any help would be appreciated!

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