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    Is this available on PC?
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    Why did the chicken cross the road?
    Pizza sauce .
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    Remove Popular.cshtml and Recent.cshtml from main modules
    The views Popular.cshtml and Recent.cshtml within all main modules are redundant but need removing to avoid confusion. Look at also removing all necessary actions from related controllers. This should be refactored...
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    Use ICookieBuilder to set theme cookie
    Currently the theme cookie is set via direct calls to Response.Cookies. Replace this with the tenant specific ICookieBuilder implementation introduced in Plato 2.0.0 to ensure theme cookies are isolated for each tenant....
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    Linux Support
    Linux support for Plato has already been requested several times via GitHub. During the 2.x timeframe we will be looking into this and identifying what changes are necessary to fully support Linux deployments. This...
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    Improving localization support
    We will soon be focused on improving the localization support offered by Plato. Whilst localization has been built into Plato from the start currently, we only offer English resource files and whilst we do have some...
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    Enable outbnound polling & other settings having no effect
    ✔️ This issue has been resolved and the fix will be available within the Plato 2.0.1 update. The Interval, Batch Size, Send Attempts & Enable Outbound Polling options on the Email Settings page have no effect. This...
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    Issues accessing certain categories
    ✔️ This issue has been resolved and the fix will be available within the Plato 2.0.1 update. Within Plato.Issues role based security checks are failing and showing an access denied message when attempting to view...
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    Tenants cannot create tenants
    Currently only the default Plato instance or host (the version of Plato you configured via the web based set-up) can create tenants. In a future release look at introducing the idea of a tenant parent that would allow...
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    Redis caching
    Currently Plato uses the SimpleCacheManager implementation of ICacheManager. Look at replacing this with this implementation we developed that supports distributed caching - specifically Redis . Need to make Redis...
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    Account Recovery
    It's not uncommon to forget your password. Account recovery is secure and easy with Plato. Plato uses a familiar email based "Reset Password" flow to allow you and your users to reset account passwords. This...
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    Plato Demo - Now Live 🚀
    Hi All, I'm delighted to announce our Plato demo is now live. The Plato demo allows you to login using a demo administrator account to fully explore Plato and the Plato administrator dashboard . Demo You can...
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    The view 'Index' was not found. The following locations were searched
    After publishing Plato you may see the error message The view 'Index' was not found. The following locations were searched . This error can occur if you leave Plato in development mode after publishing for production. ...
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    Configuring Google Sign-In within Plato
    Configuring external login providers within Plato eases the sign-up or account creation process for your end users. This can encourage participation as users don't need to create yet another web account and instead can...
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    Web based set-up
    To ease installation the first time you launch Plato within your web browser you will be presented with the web based set-up screen. This screen allows you to name your installation, provide a database connection string...
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    How to fix HTTP Error 500.0 - ANCM In-Process Handler Load Failure
    After installing & launching Plato for the first time within IIS you may see the error HTTP Error 500.0 - ANCM In-Process Handler Load Failure Error You can see below the HTTP Error 500.0 - ANCM In-Process Handler...
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    🌟 We have over 110 articles to help get you started and are quickly working to make our documentation even better. If anything is missing you would like to see covered within our docs please post your docs suggestions...
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    Downloading Plato
    Looking to download Plato to install on your own computer or server? All official releases are available to download via our releases page on GitHub. Plato is not free software and you will need either a commercial...
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    Configuring IIS
    Internet Information Services or IIS is a web server developed by Microsoft for Windows operating systems. Plato works great on all versions of IIS that support hosting .NET core 3.x applications. In this document we'll...
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    Installing Plato
    We are excited your looking to install Plato. Hopefully our documentation here will assist you along the way. Before installing Plato on your own servers please ensure your installation environment meets our...