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    Configuring Google Sign-In within Plato
    Configuring external login providers within Plato eases the sign-up or account creation process for your end users. This can encourage participation as users don't need to create yet another web account and instead can...
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    Introducing Plato Desktop 💻
    Hi All, We are super excited today to announce a new complimentary app for Plato - Plato Desktop. Plato Desktop offers a simple native experience to ease accessing your Plato site. Plato Desktop is designed primarily...
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    Enabling Features
    Plato lets you pick and choose the features or modules you would like to offer within your Plato installation. This helps keep the UI clean and clear and ensures you only offer the features that help you help your users....
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    Release Notes
    Learn what's changed between releases of the Plato core.
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    Plato 1.0.9
    December 10th 2019 Plato 1.0.9 introduces the new companion Plato Desktop app, adds auto-saving and fixes a number of minor issues and usability bugs discovered since Plato 1.0.8. Introducing Plato Desktop Plato...
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    Plato 1.1.0
    Coming: Late December 2019 / Early Janurary 2020 Plato 1.1.0 will introruce .NET Core 3.1 LTS support. During our 1.1.x releases we will also be focused on improving the lovalization support offered by Plato. This...
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    Plato 1.1.X
    Release notes related to the Plato 1.1.x series of releases.
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    Plato 1.0.x
    Here you can find all release or change notes for our Plato 1.0.x series of releases. For a complete history of all changes please see our GitHub releases page .
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    What is Plato Desktop?
    Plato Desktop is new and we would love to get your feedback. If you have any ideas for how we can improve Plato Desktop please don't hesitate to post your suggestions and help us make Plato Desktop even better 💕 ...
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    Plato 1.0.8 Released 😎
    Hi All, Our Plato 1.0.8 update is now available. This is a smaller maintenance update addressing some important issues around the initial web based set-up experience. This update also aims to stabilise the 1.0.x code...